2016 Mercedes G550: $325/day
Lexus ES350: $49/day


While some car rental companies only focus on convenience, Luxury Line Auto Rental specializes in providing its customers with the world’s finest automobiles and an unmatched level of care and service. Whether you need a luxury car rental for travel, for when your car’s getting repaired, or simply for a weekend of leisure and excitement, the fleet of vehicles at Luxury Line Auto Rental can suit even the most selective affinities. We stock only the newest models and the finest specs, so with Luxury Line Auto Rentals you know that you’ll be driving the absolute best vehicles available.

Free LAX Pick up and Drop off

Luxury Line Auto Rental is your go-to luxury car rental destination whether you want to cruise around town with your special someone in a two door Ferrari California Convertible, or transport your group around in style with one of our Cadillac Escalades or Chevrolet Suburban SUVs. Our vehicles are hand-selected to fit every situation, so no matter what you are turning to luxury for, we’ll be here to provide it. Whatever your style, your needs, or your desires, we have the perfect vehicle for you.

From Lexus to Lamborghini, Mercedes to Maserati, we have all of the most powerful brands you look for in a luxury car rental in Beverly Hills. To complement our unmatched performance vehicles, we offer unmatched customer service to rival any luxury car rental in Los Angeles. From beginning to end, we make sure that your experience is as exquisite as the car you drive away in. By offering car delivery, complimentary pick-up and drop-off, airport pick-up, and private driver services on request, we aim to cement our reputation as the best of the best in the luxury car rental industry.

Since 1989, we’ve been providing first-class luxury car rentals to Los Angeles residents and beyond. While some normal car companies try to establish a luxury wing to widen their customer base, we specialize in luxury cars, so our customer base is you and only you. Our prices are fair and reasonable. They’re calculated to take into account the availability, power, performance and luxury of the vehicle that you select. If you are looking to add a dash of exclusivity to your car rental, Luxury Line Auto Rental is just the place for you. If you want to experience the true luxury car renting experience from beginning to end, contact Luxury Line Auto Rental today, or browse our online selection of performance luxury automobiles.